Friday, May 6, 2011

Dad U Golden Rule (DUGR) #8

Do One Thing (a day).

How do you, as a dad, cope with the never ending stream of fix-it, paint-it, mow-it, clean-it, feed-it, build-it, plant-it, etc, jobs that mount up with seeming robotic efficiency?
I have absolutely no idea, I'm completely snowed under this Spring. It seems the worst season for sheer number of tasks around the house.

But you could try my latest theory: do one thing (per day).
In other words, if you know the grass needs cutting, do it on Thursday night instead of Saturday afternoon (rather than watching some lame TV show). It means, keeping and updating a to-do list (or more likely, a man-stuff chart in your head), and trying to knock off one item at a time. It means, intentionally starting a task after (or before) work, just one per day. You never know, you may just get it wound up in good time (or if you don't, you are probably at least half done). You could well find yourself moving from the first completed job to the second, with a head of steam and efficiency of purpose.
It also means you need to be diligent about maximizing "doing" time at the expense of relaxing time. If your kids are at sports practice (for the hundredth time that season), take a laptop and draft out that email to your mom, or wedge your walk/run/ride in then, freeing up time later. You get the idea.
I've been trying to put the "one thing a day" theory into practice lately, to cope with the avalanche of domestic husbandry requirements. I seem to be keeping my head above water, but I'm dog tired! Whatever you do, make sure you get enough exercise and sleep to keep you in a good functional state during periods of high dad-load!
I can't wait till Summer, and the grass stops growing, the decks are stained, no more garden boxes need building and I can kick back before it all starts up again in the Fall!

Dad U


  1. I'm going to try this. I often get to the end of my day and wonder what happened, and where my time went.

  2. Good luck! I'm not saying its gonna work, but it's getting me toward the end of my huge seasonal list. Next big event: staining my decks.