Monday, February 27, 2012

How was your weekend?

It's a simple question really, but as we have four kids under our roof, the answer can get somewhat convoluted.

The long answer is*:
  • Friday afternoon: drop Kid4 at friends house for a sleepover, so she doesn't have to sit out in the cold all weekend at soccer games.
  • Arise before dawn on Saturday and drink coffee.
  • Sat 7.30 am: drop Kid2 around the corner with a team mate, so he can ride to the first game of his tournament.
  • Observe the illuminated low fuel light and fill up the minivan with a depressing $70 worth of gas.
  • Sat 8 am: drop Kid3 at a swim team buddy's house, so she can ride to the state swim meet.
  • Drive 1.5 hrs to Kid1's soccer tournament site and awkwardly watch his team suffer a 6 goal thrashing in the freezing and gusting wind.
  • Decide to "simplify" the day by cashing up Kid1 for lunch with his team mates, and leaving him with another family for his second game, and a ride home with them.
  • Drive 40 mins to Kid2's tournament site, catch the last 15 mins of his first game, another awkward thrashing. 
  • Get phone update on Kid3's first swim relay result: a solid 10th place! Learn that Kid3 is currently en route back to town, for a sleepover with said team mate before repeating the exercise for day 2 of the swim meet. 
  • Devour packed lunch in car with Kid2 in an attempt to raise our body temperatures. 
  • Spend an hour circulating in the local area trying to locate a coffee shop to spend time between games. End up at a fast food joint instead. Drink mediocre coffee. Feeling begins to return to fingers and toes.
  • Return to Kid2's tournament site. Watch another frustrating performance. Get phone update of Kid1's second game: One goal up at half time, but run all over in the second half. Start to espouse the importance of preseason tournaments in getting teams of 12- or 14-year olds to a workable state of mental and physical preparedness. 
  • Return home, stopping for dinner, and to pick up Kid4, arriving after dark.
  • Collapse into bed.

  • Arise before dawn. Drink coffee. Drop Kid2 off again and head to Kid1's tournament.
  • Drop Kid1 off for warm ups, and retreat for a short respite at a nearby Barnes and Noble. Discover that in the corner of the bookstore is a Starbucks. Drink expensive coffee.
  • Arrive fashionably late for Kid1's game. Bury Kid4 in a jacket and blanket cocoon on the sidelines to prevent hypothermia. Watch a well fought draw, agreeing with all in earshot that remarkable improvement was on display. 
  • Watch as a shot on goal goes astray, sailing into the woods. Fish 3 lost soccer balls out of the creek behind the field, for a net profit of two.
  • Cash up Kid1 again for a well deserved team lunch and ride back to town with a different team mate.
  • Zip over to catch the end of Kid2's game, which is 0-1 when we get there, but 0-3 shortly thereafter. Employ well developed child psychology skills on despondent Kid2, over lunch in the car.
  • Discover via phone update that Kid3 had a great swim in her relay leg, and is already back in town.
  • Drive home while trying to see how far we could get before the return of the dreaded low fuel light.
  • Pick up Kid3 from swim-friends.
  • Pick up Kid1 from soccer-friends. 
  • Discover that all four children are at the same place at the same time for the first time in 48 hrs.
  • Return home. Exhausted. 
  • There was more coffee sometime, but I forget where or when.

The short answer to "How was your weekend?":   Great!

Dad U
*I can't claim credit for coordinating any of the above, I just drive. And search for lost soccer balls.

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