Dads are a fundamental pillar of childhood.

Any guy can father a child, but it takes a whole lot extra to be a Dad.
When ~40% of children in the US live without their biological fathers, something is horribly wrong with fatherhood. And that's without even mentioning addictions, domestic violence, commitment issues, or bleacher-clearing brawls at underage ball games.

It's all too easy for the culture to target dads as being unimportant, irrelevant, clueless, or straight out dangerous, as exhibited by the relentless lineup of doofus dads in the media and advertising. But kids know the truth. And it's quite the opposite from the stereotype. My world imploded as a 12 year old when my parents marriage went into a fatal tail spin. I would have given...anything... not to experience that black hole and eviscerating loss of my Dad.

When it was time for my wife and I to start our own brood, I was determined to be there, boots on the ground. I've been mentally logging the experience across 15 years, three cultures, two countries, four kids and four homes. And because all the kids arrived once we had already hit the road, we have been at it basically on own. That's a lot of memories and hard learned lessons. I'm nowhere near being a perfect Dad, and have had my fair share of self-inflicted dad-wrecks on the way. But I'm excited to think that my wife and kids might be able to look back and say: "You were a...great...Dad".

What is Dad U about?
  • providing simple ideas and resources for Dads to engage with their kids
  • encouraging Dads to invest time in their families
  • provoking reflection and thought from Dads
  • recording the wisdom of honorable fatherhood
Fatherhood is a serious business. I hope you can have as much fun as I've had. 
Dads, you only get one shot at this. Make it count.

Dad U

"If anything I write or post can connect with ...just...one...dad..., and perhaps be part of the reason he hugs his wife more often, gives his kid a piggy back ride, looks deep into the wide eyes of a 6 year old with a long tale, prays with his son at night, or goes to the meet the teacher night instead of the bar.....
...then I will regard Dad U as having been a massive success.

" Oct 8th, 2010

About Me
My wife and I are raising four kids, half a planet away from what we used to call home. We have been finding our own way as parents while distanced from relatives, and have realized we might just be fated to be "outsiders" for the rest of our lives. That provides a fairly unique aspect on things, and allows us to cut through many parenting cultural norms that typically go unquestioned. 
I often wear another hat, that of a PhD-toting cell and molecular biologist, a job that I escape to while my wife home-schools our brood. Dad U is a semi-anonomyous blog, because (a) it's not about me, (b) to safeguard the welfare of our kids and (c) to maintain a healthy separation of work and hobby.
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The Logo/Banner

It's big. It's bold.

It says I have photoshop and are not afraid to use it.

It's supposed to convey the idea that being Dad is about being practical.
Sometimes, it's just going to be gritty. Like when its mid-Summer and your 3-yr old princess wants a piggy-back to the car (and it was downhill for all of the first half of the out-and-back hike). But if you don't man-up and be The Dad, all that the above mentioned 3-yr old will remember will be the misery of that climb, rather than the awesome family time.
Sometimes, being Dad is about metal. Every so often you have to step up and take the incoming blow on your armor in the defense of your clan. Or be the one swinging it.
And sometimes, you just might find yourself cammo-ed up and running around the woods getting shot at by boys with Airsoft machine guns on full-auto. I'm just sayin'......

Mom's FYI
I don't write much about your half of the parenting equation, mostly because I have too much respect for what you do to presume I could help. You are more than welcome however to tune in to find stuff your hubby should read!

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